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Your fully dedicated portal

In order to assist our clients and personalise our offer, Technicis provides you with access to an online portal that is entirely dedicated to you. There you can view all of your projects, all prior and current orders, quotes that you have received as well as all of your invoices. This portal will also grant you quick access to your designated contacts at Technicis, such as your salesperson.

Your secure, personalised portal


  • Use a secure online solution (https) with an individual username and password for each user
  • Request quotes, validate quotes or accept translations without a quote
  • Receive notifications via email (quote sent, translation delivered) along with a live link to download them
  • Monitor your activity with reports on your quotes and orders (downloadable in Excel format)
  • Integrate cost centres by department or requester
  • Access the "statistics" function and see CAT impact (Trados cost optimisation chart)
  • Define different access parameters by requester profile (e.g. different parameters for the Purchasing department)
  • Validate quotes on the portal for a member of your team (absent/approval from superior required)
  • Send messages on the portal to your dedicated Technicis team
  • Get quick (<1 month), free access


Our extranet
provides you with fast, secure access to send and receive files with no size limit.

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Discover the Technicis client portal

Technicis sets up a secure, personalised space on its online platform for each client.

With your unique username and password you can configure file transfers.

Client portal

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