Real estate

Bespoke services

The increasing globalisation of the real-estate markets means that multilingual communication has become a key priority in the real-estate industry. Professional translation in the real-estate sector requires a sound understanding of many different fields. That's why the linguists Technicis works with all have technical expertise in related sectors, such as law, taxation and urban planning.

A combination of language skills and technical expertise

This type of project involves more than a simple, literal translation. The original message must be adapted to the specific features of the target market, which is a complex stylistic exercise. Technicis is an expert in the subtleties involved in such a translation. We have an in-depth knowledge of the various real-estate markets, so we understand the priorities of your business and the expectations of your clients. The specialised translators Technicis works with for your real-estate translation projects are carefully selected and all have significant experience in the real-estate sector.

Solutions for your translation needs: 
  • Contracts, lease agreements
  • Property assessments
  • Calls for tender
  • Analyses of real-estate portfolios
  • Training & client-presentation materials
  • Press releases & kits
  • Digital media
  • Ads and websites

They put their trust in us

A growing number of clients entrust their translation projects to Technicis every day.

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