Luxury & Cosmetics

A translation tailored to your needs

Because the translation of beauty requires a real stylistic adaptation to express the full aesthetic quality of your product, Technicis works with specialised translators who are experts in the terminology used in the luxury and cosmetics sectors. In addition to excellent writing skills, our language experts have an in-depth knowledge of this unique field.

Bespoke translation services

Whether you need translation services occasionally or on a regular basis, Technicis has the solution that's right for you. We work with a wide range of clients, from big names in the luxury sector to boutique companies and niche brands. Print adaptations, two-way projects with your subsidiaries including 'OK for print' validation, editing, translation and proofreading of your web documents, localization of your website—our teams work with you through every stage of your luxury and cosmetics translation projects, however complex they may be.

In-depth expertise for your projects:
  • Press releases & kits
  • Interpretation
  • Retail, point-of-sale displays, merchandising, packaging, notices
  • Collection presentations, books
  • Advertising slogans, copywriting
  • Website, e-commerce site, intranet, extranet, mobile apps
  • Digital communication, newsletters, social media

They put their trust in us

A growing number of clients entrust their translation projects to Technicis every day.

Need luxury or cosmetics experts for your translations?