Energy and environment

Energy & Environment: important issues

Energy and the environment are major issues on the international scene. Your company, more than ever, needs a trusted language partner that specialises in the fields of energy and the environment. Technicis has significant expertise and can offer you accurate and reliable translations of excellent quality—whether you're a private firm, public authority, association or NGO.

Our teams respond quickly

Technicis assigns its language projects to translators with considerable experience in the energy and environment industries, be they related to recycling, waste treatment, renewable energy, water management, electricity, gas, nuclear, national and international regulations... They are highly experienced with expert knowledge of the terminology inherent in these fields and are therefore able to render the technical content of your documents accurately in the target language. So you can rest assured that you're receiving an accurate and top-quality translation of your energy and environmental documents.

Put your trust in the skills and expertise of a single service provider:
  • Maintenance & user guides
  • Studies and reports
  • Technical notices
  • Sustainable development reports
  • Quality manuals (HSE, QSE)
  • Ethics & environmental charters
  • Press releases and articles
  • Magazines and leaflets
  • Website & blog localization
  • Sales pitches
  • All documents relating to ecological, social, environmental or governance issues

They put their trust in us

A growing number of clients entrust their translation projects to Technicis every day.

Need energy or environmental experts for your translations?