On Tuesday 9 May, a very special graduation ceremony was held at Kent State University.

This renowned institution located in Ohio created a unique programme for the translation students: Technicis Proofreading Training. 

This programme was made possible thanks to intense teamwork between the teams at Kent State University and Technicis. The goal of this training course was to help translators go beyond the purely linguistic aspect of proofreading and learn to check for the smallest details in a translation. An innovative method, because the proofreaders don't necessarily speak the target language!

Technicis is one of the leading European translation agencies and has developed a specific approach to meet the growing needs of its clients. This approach checks for specific aspects from the source text, based on a precise checklist:

  1. Formatting: number of paragraphs, spacing, headers and footers, notes and comments, and the table of contents
  2. Text: spelling, punctuation, untranslated text, proper nouns, consistency of information, abbreviations and addresses 
  3. Key information: figures, symbols and units of measurement
  4. Project specifications: proper adherence to the instructions given by the client, compliance with the style guide

To be part of the increasingly efficient digitization of the translation sector, Technicis wanted to offer the students at Kent State a training course on this new method.

For this first time this year, following a rigorous exam, the translation students became qualified in Technicis Proofreading Training

Congratulations to everyone!