This year, Kent State University is again putting on the “Technicis Proofreading Training” programme.

The aim of this training is to provide translators with the means to carry out quality control for any language combination.


Thanks to special software used to meet client demands, Technicis is able to check and validate certain specific points in a translation against the original text based on a well-defined checklist:

  1. Formatting: number of paragraphs, spaces, headers and footers, notes and comments, table of content, etc.
  2. Text: spelling, punctuation, untranslated text, proper nouns, consistency, abbreviations, addresses
  3. Key data: numbers, symbols, units of measurement
  4. Specificities of a given project: application of instructions given by the client, compliance with a style guide, etc.

This partnership enables Technicis to consolidate its pool of qualified proofreaders while also helping future generations of translators.


Best of luck to everyone!