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kent state
Technicis is once again partnering with Kent State University (USA) for a second round of training, resulting in a proofreading diploma

This year, Kent State University is again putting on the “Technicis Proofreading Training” programme.

The aim of this training is to provide translators with the means to carry out quality control for any language combination.


Thanks to special software used to meet client demands, Technicis is able to check and validate certain specific points in a translation against the original text based on a well-defined checklist:

  1. Formatting: number of paragraphs, spaces, headers and footers, notes and comments, table of content, etc.
  2. Text: spelling, punctuation, untranslated text, proper nouns, consistency, abbreviations, addresses
  3. Key data: numbers, symbols, units of measurement
  4. Specificities of a given project: application of instructions given by the client, compliance with a style guide, etc.

This partnership enables Technicis to consolidate its pool of qualified proofreaders while also helping future generations of translators.


Best of luck to everyone!

TextMaster x Technicis
Technicis acquires TextMaster

The Technicis Group – number one in Europe for professional translation – accelerates its pursuit of market share with the acquisition of TextMaster, a company specialising in professional cloud-based translation. This purchase endows Technicis with a first-rate technological asset while enabling it to expand in digital translation, a market in which TextMaster is number one. It also coincides with the external growth strategy that the Technicis Group adopted in 2012, with an aim to becoming one of the top five translation companies in the world within two years.


Paris, ​4 April 2018 - The Technicis Group – the number one European player in professional translation – is proud to announce the acquisition of TextMaster. This acquisition is part of the Group’s strategy to enhance its tech offering for its clients and translators while increasing its presence on the digital translation market.


TextMaster, which was founded in 2011, is the number one professional translation solution using SaaS. TextMaster combines its trademarked AI technologies with a network of expert translators from all over the world in a single platform, enabling companies to accelerate their international development. TextMaster has a market presence in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, and boasts over 12,000 clients in 150 countries worldwide.

It also became the leading digital translation company in Europe in under six years.

The company’s illustrious clientele includes vente-privee, Estée Lauder, Maisons du Monde and Club Med among others.


TextMaster was acquired by the Technicis Group in recognition of its success, as the company has posted average growth of over 100% since its inception and turnover of €10 million, 30% of which is generated abroad. TextMaster’s capital investors (Serena Capital, Alven and eFounders), founders and business angels are selling their shares of the business in the takeover.


“I am delighted about this deal, which culminates five years of intense technological and sales development”, says TextMaster CEO Thibault Lougnon. “TextMaster, which very quickly went from €0-€10 million in turnover, now has the industrial resources to accelerate its development even further and join Technicis at the top of the global market”.


According to Technicis Group CEO Benjamin du Fraysseix, “TextMaster drew our attention right away for two reasons: their powerful technology, which counts among the very best on the market, and the youthful, dynamic and roughly 40-strong team accelerating the group’s digitalisation. We are excited to welcome TextMaster to the Technicis Group and to reinforce our presence in the European market”. 

This is the latest of the Group’s acquisitions following V.O. Paris (2012), Cogen (2015), Translation Probst (2016) and Arancho Doc (2017). TextMaster will remain autonomous, and will continue to operate under the same name. 


With 320 employees spread throughout France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic and Canada, the Technicis Group is aiming for turnover of €60 million in 2018. With a portfolio of over 2,500 clients, the group works with the majority of CAC 40 companies, as well as large European and American groups. Now among the top ten translation companies in the world, the Group’s new ambition is to become part of the top five in the next two years by making further acquisitions. 

Partenaire du Palmarès des Avocats de Paris
Technicis is an official partner of the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris

Rencontres Business, the new meeting for in-house lawyers and their councils, will take place on 29 March 2018 at the Hotel InterContinental Le Grand near Opéra.

Organised by the reference magazine for business lawyers, Le Monde du Droit, this event will be an opportunity to speak with participants in an exceptional setting, finishing off with the 6th Palmarès des Avocats awards ceremony, of which Technicis is an official partner.


To contact our teams about our know-how and expertise in legal translation, visit our page dedicated to the legal sector or call us at +33 (0)1 84 13 19 79.

Cogen emménage à Bruxelles
Cogen moves to Brussels!

We are delighted to announce that Cogen has moved. On February 5th 2018, the Cogen teams moved into their new offices at 28 rue Saint Quentin, in Brussels (Belgium).

As you well know, Cogen joined the Technicis group in 2015. The entity, which has always been located in Belgium, offers professional translation and interpretation services, as well as multilingual formatting and even localisation services.

Now set up in the heart of Brussels, the team is enjoying their fully refurbished premises. These contemporary and comfortable offices offer employees a quality working environment.

The new location, close to the European quarter, will also be highly beneficial for organising meetings and discussions with clients and partners.

We wish our Belgian colleagues all the best in their new building!


For more information on Cogen, go to

Team Building Chamonix
A weekend of team building and winter sports to kick off 2018

Technicis Group brought together its teams from all over Europe and Canada for a fun-filled weekend in the French Alps!

We started the new year in style by heading to Chamonix (just before the avalanche alert!) for two days of team building and fun in the snow. Many hit the slopes for skiing and snowboarding, while others opted for ice skating, swimming or a little R & R at the spa...before enjoying a well-deserved cheese fondue and succulent stone-grilled meats. There was something for everyone.

Technicis Group has been steadily expanding over the past few years, both internally and externally through the acquisition of VO Paris (2012), Cogen (2015), Translation-Probst (2016) and, most recently, Arancho Doc (2017).

Now present in eight different countries (seven in Europe and one in North America), Technicis has positioned itself as a leader in the European market and is now a top-ten pure player in professional translation worldwide.

Our hard work has paid off, as we have now achieved over ten years of impressive double-digit growth.

The key to our success has been sticking to basic principles:

  • providing a wide range of top-quality language services,
  • offering fast turnaround for our clients,
  • building a network of over 5,000 translators throughout the world in more than 200 different language combinations,
  • working with skilled translators who are highly specialised in their particular area of expertise,
  • rallying our internal teams around a common goal: to provide our clients with an unbeatable service.

Technicis Group now has over 300 employees, and our weekend in the mountains gave us a chance to start the year off right by building stronger relationships with one another!

Check out our photos from the weekend!

Technicis achète Arancho Doc
Technicis takes its place among the top 10 professional translation companies in the world following the acquisition of Arancho Doc

The Technicis Group, leader on the French professional translation market and one of the top 3 players in Europe, has accelerated its growth with the acquisition of the Italian group Arancho Doc that includes Soget. The acquisition places Technicis among the top 10 professional translation companies in the world. This move is also part of Technicis’ development strategy, started in 2012, to become one of the top 5 global translation companies within the next three years.

Arancho Doc: a strategic acquisition in Europe

Arancho Doc, a recognised Italian player on the international translation scene, following the recent acquisition of Soget, currently employs 100 people and has a presence in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and the Czech Republic. With a turnover of 12 million euros in 2016, the company is a major acquisition for Technicis in geographical terms, allowing the group to better support the international expansion of its customers.

Since 2012, when the group made its first acquisition, Technicis has pursued a combined development approach by focussing on both organic and external growth. In 2015, the private equity fund NAXICAP Partners acquired a stake in Technics, which opened up new development opportunities for the group, particularly considering that Europe represents 50% of the international market while North America accounts for approximately 35%.

“We are delighted to welcome Arancho Doc and its European DNA to the Technicis Group. With expert teams providing top quality services and cutting-edge technology to large multinationals, I am convinced that Arancho Doc will be a great addition to the Technicis Group. The international development that we have been implementing for five years and which has most recently taken the form of the Arancho Doc acquisition, enables us to increase our presence in both Europe and North America”, stated Benjamin du Fraysseix, CEO of the Technicis Group.


A promising future for the Technicis Group

Technicis began its accelerated growth plan in 2012 with the acquisition of VO Paris (France), followed by Cogen (Belgium) in 2015, Translation Probst (Switzerland) in 2016 and now Arancho Doc (Italy).

With these four acquisitions and a double-digit organic annual growth, the group has gone from being a local French player to an SME with a global reach in 2017, having quadrupled its size in the last five years.

In 2016, the Technicis Group recorded a turnover of 30 million euros and is aiming to reach 45 million euros in 2017 thanks to its 320–strong workforce spread across France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, the Czech Republic and Canada. With a portfolio of over 2,500 clients, the group works with the majority of CAC 40 companies, as well as large European and American groups. Now among the top 10 translation companies in the world, the Group’s new ambition is to become part of the top 5 in the next three years by making another acquisition.




About Technicis

Technicis is the leading translation agency on the French market, and is one of the three main players on the European market. Thanks to the collaborative effort of 220 employees spread across France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada and a network of 4,500 specialised professional translators across the globe, Technicis is able to meet the needs of its 2,000 clients across all industries and in a large number of language combinations. The continuous, technological innovations that Technicis incorporates into its processes mean that it is able to offer a large range of translation solutions while guaranteeing responsiveness and quality for its clients.


About Arancho Doc

The Arancho Doc Group is a recognised Italian player on the international translation scene. With headquarters in Bologna, Italy, Arancho Dochas a network of subsidiaries strategically located across Europe. The Arancho Doc Group offers a vast range of linguistic services and solutions for businesses and multinationals. Combining the use of innovative language technology tools with in-depth knowledge of translation and localisation processes, Arancho Doc is the perfect partner for international companies in all their linguistic projects. Arancho Doc is a SAP Partner and has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certifications.



You are not a brain surgeon!

For a decade, I have been the typical Project Manager: hard working, focused, customer-oriented and incredibly devoted to my job. 

I loved my job -and still do- so I could spend hours answering emails, finding solutions, making phone calls, or fixing bugs… coming up for air only occasionally, like a diver. 

If a translator was late, if a reviewer overlooked a mistake or if the DTP was messed up, I felt responsible! If poor file prep or a miscommunication threw a spanner in the works, it was my fault.








Yep, the Voynich translation project failure still is my shameful secret.


As I wanted to bring value to my company and to serve my clients the way they deserved, I worked harder and started triple checking everything. I would not leave the office until every T was crossed with a perfectly straight strike and every I dotted with a perfect circle.

However, my ultimate goal was to start with a clean fresh day (and mailbox) the following morning. I left my desk later and later every night.

I became the 21st Century Sisyphus; every morning I rolled my workload to the top of the mountain hoping that late at night, once absolutely everything was done, I could bask in my client’s satisfaction.

I lost myself inside the project pipeline until a colleague told me: “You are not a brain surgeon, you know?!”

What was that supposed to mean? Should I be offended? Did my work have no value? Was any Doctor Mc Dreamy better than a Project Manager?














Should've sprung for a proofreader, McDreamy.

Of course not! But my colleague was right: there are no lives at (immediate) stake in translation. After a certain hour, every email, project and report can wait. And they are dealt with much more efficiency after a nice evening with my friends or a good night’s sleep.

How could I get a well-balanced life back? I looked for inspiration around me and decided to ask my successful peers (you know, these ever-glowing people who are so good at their work and still able to do ballet, breed fluffy winged ponies and teach multilingual scrabble class) and here is their wisdom, abridged:


Steer like a F1 champion

Think fast, find solutions in real time and adapt yourself to the bumps of the road. The translator’s dog ate his translation? No problem, there are emetics!

Think like a yogi

Open your mind, be aware that anything can happen and stay calm. Project Managing is like a box of chocolates, you never know if you are going to get the marzipan translation, so don’t try to control everything!

Talk like Obama

Follow the lead of the world’s best communicator: listen, be honest and keep yourself in check with a pinch of self-derision... ''If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. Greatest weakness, it's possible that I'm a little too awesome.'' (Obama)

Try like a child 

Have fun and start things all over again as many times as you need to find the right approach. These files are not usable in your favorite CAT tool? Maybe you need to try another CAT tool this time?

Work like a soccer player

You are part of a team, which means that you can share the workload, pass the ball and help your teammates. You’re sure to score and feel fulfilled by the group synergy.

Don’t aim to be Shiva…

Fact: you only have one brain and two arms but still want to be Shiva… indeed, you have always heard that a good PM is a multi-tasker. Nevertheless, you will be more efficient if you finish the task at hand and if you avoid interruptions.  

…but be your own angel

Last but, not least, be gentle with yourself. Do your best, work hard and allow yourself to live! Sounds difficult sometimes but it really is a matter of choice. Get out, play sports, meet people and enjoy being alive! All these nice experiences will allow you to disconnect and stretch hidden PM muscles.

Technicis at the forefront of translation technologies with TAPICC.

Translation is constantly evolving. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, as well as digitization, have created a new dynamic in the field of translation.

Currently, many CAT tools are used around the world by translation agencies, freelance translators and companies alike. Some of the leading CAT tools today are SDL Trados, STAR Transit, Wordfast and MemoQ.


The quest for a universal translation file format

The industry standard for file formats is currently the .xliff. This tag-based format was created in 2002 by OASIS to standardise the way localised data was exchanged.

Since then, every CMS (Content Management System) and TMS (Translation Memory System) has adopted this .xliff format for its own software. As a result, one system's format may not be entirely compatible with another's.

What this means is that each CAT tool has its own method for creating projects and using the .xliff format. Currently, exchanging data between the different translation intermediaries like agencies, translators and companies, becomes complicated when each uses different software.

Every side can agree that the inconveniences that arise can result in translation memory incompatibility, lost data and different segmentation, among others.

The TAPICC initiative aims to offer a standard that is compatible with all of the CAT tools. The quest for a universal file format has begun.


TAPICC, a revolutionary project

The project was launched a few months ago by the Globalization and Localization Association and has been applauded by those in the field of translation.

Right after its launch, the Technicis teams were eager to contribute to this ambitious project. "Why make things so difficult when it can be quite simple! Thank you TAPICC for reintroducing this idea into the field!" stated Alexandre Cazenave, a volunteer contributor to the TAPICC initiative and part of the Production Department at Technicis.

TAPICC stands for Translation API (Use) Cases and Classes, and it has three objectives:

  1. Implement a standard Internet-friendly file format, that could replace the current .xliff, which is too large for web technology (remember that most CAT tools are offered as a SaaS).
  2. Establish a standard project format which would be compatible with all other software once downloaded.
  3. Develop a universal API to simplify file exchanges between all parties and which is based on the COTI standard, a previous initiative.

Philippe Brissard, a voluntary contributor to the TAPICC initiative and an employee in the Production Department at Technicis, stated "It's rare to have the opportunity to participate in the future of your profession, and the TAPICC initiative does just that: creating the foundations of future professional translation tools. This is a golden opportunity!"

The first phase of the initiative has already started and will be completed on 31 December 2017. Alexandre Cazenave and Philippe Brissard are currently working on defining the future translation file format to replace the .xliff. Working in a group of 15 professionals from across the globe, they will be tasked with masterfully finding a solution to this great challenge!

We'll be sure to follow them closely over the next few months. Stay tuned for updates! 

Technicis, in partnership with Kent State University in the United States, is launching the first edition of its course for obtaining a qualification in proofreading.

On Tuesday 9 May, a very special graduation ceremony was held at Kent State University.

This renowned institution located in Ohio created a unique programme for the translation students: Technicis Proofreading Training. 

This programme was made possible thanks to intense teamwork between the teams at Kent State University and Technicis. The goal of this training course was to help translators go beyond the purely linguistic aspect of proofreading and learn to check for the smallest details in a translation. An innovative method, because the proofreaders don't necessarily speak the target language!

Technicis is one of the leading European translation agencies and has developed a specific approach to meet the growing needs of its clients. This approach checks for specific aspects from the source text, based on a precise checklist:

  1. Formatting: number of paragraphs, spacing, headers and footers, notes and comments, and the table of contents
  2. Text: spelling, punctuation, untranslated text, proper nouns, consistency of information, abbreviations and addresses 
  3. Key information: figures, symbols and units of measurement
  4. Project specifications: proper adherence to the instructions given by the client, compliance with the style guide

To be part of the increasingly efficient digitization of the translation sector, Technicis wanted to offer the students at Kent State a training course on this new method.

For this first time this year, following a rigorous exam, the translation students became qualified in Technicis Proofreading Training

Congratulations to everyone!


Technicis Traduction assermentée.jpg
Technicis is an official partner of the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris

On 23 March 2017 at the Hotel InterContinental Le Grand near Opéra, 33 law firms were recognised following the votes of 20,000 professionals at the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris. 

More than 300 of you attended this remarkable event.


Technicis, as an official partner for the fifth year in a row, would like to congratulate the 33 award winners of the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris.

To contact our teams about our know-how and expertise in legal translation, please visit our legal translation page or call us at +33 (0)1 46 03 17 19.


Technicis Boulogne
Technicis has moved!

Technicis has moved!

We are delighted to inform you that we moved offices on 1 January 2017!

Each day more and more of you trust us with your complex and engaging projects. Technicis is currently the leading translation agency in France, and in 2017, became one of the top 3 European agencies. We can help you with any type of translation, localization or global interpretation project.

To keep up with this sustained growth we are expanding our teams, and decided to move to new offices to start the year in style.

We are now located at 35 rue de Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt. Our staff can enjoy a modern, comfortable working environment that encourages teamwork.

2017 is off to a great start!

Technicis Americas
Technicis Americas has opened their office in Canada

Technicis Americas officially opened their offices on 20 March 2017!

We chose the beautiful city of Montreal to open our Canadian offices. This is a new step forward for Technicis, with great opportunities in store for you, our clients.

Our expert teams will be able to serve as a link between France and North America to meet your needs no matter the time of day. We are becoming more responsive to guarantee an exceptional translation service.

Translation Probst Technicis
Technicis has acquired the agency Translation-Probst

As the leading French translation agency and part of the top 5 European agencies last year, Technicis bolstered its growth by acquiring Translation-Probst SA, which became the second largest translation agency in Switzerland.

Founded in 2005, Translation-Probst displayed sustained double-digit growth over the years to currently become one of the leading translation agencies in Switzerland. With 30 employees and a network of 450 professional translators, Translation-Probst is committed to offering its clients—over 600 businesses across all sectors—high-quality translation and interpreting services. Translation-Probst is able to meet a high-level of standard with a rigorous model of quality assurance and has received several distinctions for its excellent level of service, its high standard of IT security and client focus.

To ensure the sustained quality of this approach, to diversify their offerings and to strengthen its position on the highly-competitive Swiss market, the founder of Translation-Probst chose to team up with one of the leading European translation agencies: "This exceptional operation offers significant advantages to our employees, our freelance network and our clients. Our clients will be able to enjoy the immense expertise of Technicis, a rich network of freelance translators and additional language services," stated Roman Probst. "This acquisition has given rise to the second-largest translation agency in Switzerland. Nothing will change for the clients, but they will benefit from even greater excellence. Everyone will enjoy a higher quality of service, and Translation-Probst will always be synonymous with success and perfection."

Benjamin du Fraysseix, founder of Technicis Finance and CEO of Technicis since 2012, took over from Roman Probst as CEO. Guillaume Patry, COO of Technicis, will help him in his functions. Following the acquisition of V.O. Paris in 2012, followed by the acquisition of the Belgian translation agency Cogen in 2015, Technicis aims to maintain its external growth with this new operation.

With offices in France, Belgium and Switzerland, the group is expanding its presence on the European market. Strengthened by a turnover that grew from €17 million in 2014 to €24 million in 2015, Technicis—now with 220 employeesachieved over €30 million in 2016 and became one of the three leading translation agencies in Europe at the beginning of 2017.