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Technicis, in partnership with Kent State University in the United States, is launching the first edition of its course for obtaining a qualification in proofreading.

On Tuesday 9 May, a very special graduation ceremony was held at Kent State University.

This renowned institution located in Ohio created a unique programme for the translation students: Technicis Proofreading Training. 

This programme was made possible thanks to intense teamwork between the teams at Kent State University and Technicis. The goal of this training course was to help translators go beyond the purely linguistic aspect of proofreading and learn to check for the smallest details in a translation. An innovative method, because the proofreaders don't necessarily speak the target language!

Technicis is one of the leading European translation agencies and has developed a specific approach to meet the growing needs of its clients. This approach checks for specific aspects from the source text, based on a precise checklist:

  1. Formatting: number of paragraphs, spacing, headers and footers, notes and comments, and the table of contents
  2. Text: spelling, punctuation, untranslated text, proper nouns, consistency of information, abbreviations and addresses 
  3. Key information: figures, symbols and units of measurement
  4. Project specifications: proper adherence to the instructions given by the client, compliance with the style guide

To be part of the increasingly efficient digitization of the translation sector, Technicis wanted to offer the students at Kent State a training course on this new method.

For this first time this year, following a rigorous exam, the translation students became qualified in Technicis Proofreading Training

Congratulations to everyone!


Technicis Traduction assermentée.jpg
Technicis is an official partner of the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris

On 23 March 2017 at the Hotel InterContinental Le Grand near Opéra, 33 law firms were recognised following the votes of 20,000 professionals at the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris. 

More than 300 of you attended this remarkable event.


Technicis, as an official partner for the fifth year in a row, would like to congratulate the 33 award winners of the Palmarès des Avocats de Paris.

To contact our teams about our know-how and expertise in legal translation, please visit our legal translation page or call us at +33 (0)1 46 03 17 19.


Technicis Boulogne
Technicis has moved!

Technicis has moved!

We are delighted to inform you that we moved offices on 1 January 2017!

Each day more and more of you trust us with your complex and engaging projects. Technicis is currently the leading translation agency in France, and in 2017, became one of the top 3 European agencies. We can help you with any type of translation, localization or global interpretation project.

To keep up with this sustained growth we are expanding our teams, and decided to move to new offices to start the year in style.

We are now located at 35 rue de Paris in Boulogne-Billancourt. Our staff can enjoy a modern, comfortable working environment that encourages teamwork.

2017 is off to a great start!

Technicis Americas
Technicis Americas has opened their office in Canada

Technicis Americas officially opened their offices on 20 March 2017!

We chose the beautiful city of Montreal to open our Canadian offices. This is a new step forward for Technicis, with great opportunities in store for you, our clients.

Our expert teams will be able to serve as a link between France and North America to meet your needs no matter the time of day. We are becoming more responsive to guarantee an exceptional translation service.

Translation Probst Technicis
Technicis has acquired the agency Translation-Probst

As the leading French translation agency and part of the top 5 European agencies last year, Technicis bolstered its growth by acquiring Translation-Probst SA, which became the second largest translation agency in Switzerland.

Founded in 2005, Translation-Probst displayed sustained double-digit growth over the years to currently become one of the leading translation agencies in Switzerland. With 30 employees and a network of 450 professional translators, Translation-Probst is committed to offering its clients—over 600 businesses across all sectors—high-quality translation and interpreting services. Translation-Probst is able to meet a high-level of standard with a rigorous model of quality assurance and has received several distinctions for its excellent level of service, its high standard of IT security and client focus.

To ensure the sustained quality of this approach, to diversify their offerings and to strengthen its position on the highly-competitive Swiss market, the founder of Translation-Probst chose to team up with one of the leading European translation agencies: "This exceptional operation offers significant advantages to our employees, our freelance network and our clients. Our clients will be able to enjoy the immense expertise of Technicis, a rich network of freelance translators and additional language services," stated Roman Probst. "This acquisition has given rise to the second-largest translation agency in Switzerland. Nothing will change for the clients, but they will benefit from even greater excellence. Everyone will enjoy a higher quality of service, and Translation-Probst will always be synonymous with success and perfection."

Benjamin du Fraysseix, founder of Technicis Finance and CEO of Technicis since 2012, took over from Roman Probst as CEO. Guillaume Patry, COO of Technicis, will help him in his functions. Following the acquisition of V.O. Paris in 2012, followed by the acquisition of the Belgian translation agency Cogen in 2015, Technicis aims to maintain its external growth with this new operation.

With offices in France, Belgium and Switzerland, the group is expanding its presence on the European market. Strengthened by a turnover that grew from €17 million in 2014 to €24 million in 2015, Technicis—now with 220 employeesachieved over €30 million in 2016 and became one of the three leading translation agencies in Europe at the beginning of 2017.