In connection with their international cases that require translation, our services are engaged by the partners and staff of law firms on behalf of their own clients. This enables the lawyer in charge of the case to save time and optimise the budget allocated to translation by his or her client. We therefore offer a real extension of the services provided by the law firm to its client.

Quality - the key priority for international law firms and at the heart of our processes

For each request, one of our Technicis Legal consultants discusses the project with the lawyer - their planning and organisation requirements, deadline and budget - so that they can suggest a customised solution. The content to be translated is systematically and scrupulously analysed by the project manager dedicated to the law firm making the request; the project manager works in close collaboration with the consultant to identify the legal translator who is best suited to work on this project.

We are fully aware of the underlying requirements in terms of the quality of a legal translation and we therefore take all the necessary steps to ensure the excellence required by our legal clients. All our legal translators only translate into their native language, therefore; they are experienced specialists in a specific area of the law (litigation, arbitration, property, finance, labour law, intellectual property, corporate law, etc.). So that our translations correspond as closely as possible to our legal clients' preferences with respect to terminology and style, we suggest the creation and use of glossaries, style guides, translation memories and various instructions for the use of specific terminology and style. Once our offer has been approved by the lawyer and his or her client, our translator can carry out the translation under the best possible conditions, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the end product.

Urgent cases from international law firms and the translations associated with them

We are fully aware of the fact that your international cases may require a high degree of urgency and can therefore offer customised solutions that meet your tight deadlines. Ahead of every project, your consultant and your project manager will define a plan that enables us to deliver the top-quality translation that you expect from us, within the specific deadline that you set.

We have pools of legal translators who are experts in delivering urgent translations, working in whichever language combination you need. For high-volume projects that need to be delivered within a tight time frame, we can offer the services of translators working in teams of two, who are used to working together on this type of project.

We believe that the plans we offer should be transparent and our role is to advise you on the best approach to follow so that we can deliver the top-quality translations that you expect from us. In exceptional circumstances, we can also offer delivery during the night and/or the weekend.