Technicis - an expert in multilingual translations of packaging and instructions: For the last 15 years, Technicis has translated packaging and instruction content in all the languages spoken in the areas where Leclerc is present, and ensures an effective interface between its client's different graphics agencies, via the systematic checking of all 'OK for print' tests.

An exceptional degree of specialisation combined with organisational qualities:

Translation of packaging requires rigorous planning because of the specific features of these projects:
- extremely high volume of client contact points across large product families in sectors as varied as DIY, gaming, gardening, textiles, IT, etc.
- high frequency of daily orders, with volumes ranging from just a few words to several thousand,
- numerous and varied language combinations,
- rigorous quality control of all translations before and after graphic production,
- rapid response times needed.

Expertise and experience are essential for project managers:

Project managers, working in teams of two, implemented workflows combining traceability and rigorous follow-up processes with seamless communications and rapid-response management.

All translation and proofreading projects are managed centrally, from the expression of need right through to delivery, via a dedicated platform that allows all those involved - industry-specialist retained translators and revisers as well as project managers - to allocate all the time spent on high value-added tasks.

The workflow was designed to fit our client's method of working, such as the order forms that have been set up. It is essential to have communication tools that save time in discussions with the client and guarantee that the information is conveyed effectively so that all those involved have a specific set of requirements for each order (compliance with context, languages, scope of the translation, deadline, etc.).