Case studies

E.Leclerc etude de cas traduction technicis
Our partnership with E.Leclerc Central Purchasing Departments

Technicis - an expert in multilingual translations of packaging and instructions: For the last 15 years, Technicis has translated packaging and instruction content in all the languages spoken in the areas where Leclerc is present, and ensures an effective interface between its client's different graphics agencies, via the systematic checking of all 'OK for print' tests.

An exceptional degree of specialisation combined with organisational qualities:

Translation of packaging requires rigorous planning because of the specific features of these projects:
- extremely high volume of client contact points across large product families in sectors as varied as DIY, gaming, gardening, textiles, IT, etc.
- high frequency of daily orders, with volumes ranging from just a few words to several thousand,
- numerous and varied language combinations,
- rigorous quality control of all translations before and after graphic production,
- rapid response times needed.

Expertise and experience are essential for project managers:

Project managers, working in teams of two, implemented workflows combining traceability and rigorous follow-up processes with seamless communications and rapid-response management.

All translation and proofreading projects are managed centrally, from the expression of need right through to delivery, via a dedicated platform that allows all those involved - industry-specialist retained translators and revisers as well as project managers - to allocate all the time spent on high value-added tasks.

The workflow was designed to fit our client's method of working, such as the order forms that have been set up. It is essential to have communication tools that save time in discussions with the client and guarantee that the information is conveyed effectively so that all those involved have a specific set of requirements for each order (compliance with context, languages, scope of the translation, deadline, etc.).

Cabinet d'avocat international
Our partnership with an international law firm

In connection with their international cases that require translation, our services are engaged by the partners and staff of law firms on behalf of their own clients. This enables the lawyer in charge of the case to save time and optimise the budget allocated to translation by his or her client. We therefore offer a real extension of the services provided by the law firm to its client.

Quality - the key priority for international law firms and at the heart of our processes

For each request, one of our Technicis Legal consultants discusses the project with the lawyer - their planning and organisation requirements, deadline and budget - so that they can suggest a customised solution. The content to be translated is systematically and scrupulously analysed by the project manager dedicated to the law firm making the request; the project manager works in close collaboration with the consultant to identify the legal translator who is best suited to work on this project.

We are fully aware of the underlying requirements in terms of the quality of a legal translation and we therefore take all the necessary steps to ensure the excellence required by our legal clients. All our legal translators only translate into their native language, therefore; they are experienced specialists in a specific area of the law (litigation, arbitration, property, finance, labour law, intellectual property, corporate law, etc.). So that our translations correspond as closely as possible to our legal clients' preferences with respect to terminology and style, we suggest the creation and use of glossaries, style guides, translation memories and various instructions for the use of specific terminology and style. Once our offer has been approved by the lawyer and his or her client, our translator can carry out the translation under the best possible conditions, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the end product.

Urgent cases from international law firms and the translations associated with them

We are fully aware of the fact that your international cases may require a high degree of urgency and can therefore offer customised solutions that meet your tight deadlines. Ahead of every project, your consultant and your project manager will define a plan that enables us to deliver the top-quality translation that you expect from us, within the specific deadline that you set.

We have pools of legal translators who are experts in delivering urgent translations, working in whichever language combination you need. For high-volume projects that need to be delivered within a tight time frame, we can offer the services of translators working in teams of two, who are used to working together on this type of project.

We believe that the plans we offer should be transparent and our role is to advise you on the best approach to follow so that we can deliver the top-quality translations that you expect from us. In exceptional circumstances, we can also offer delivery during the night and/or the weekend.


Technicis traduction digital
Our partnership with a major French bank

During 2008, the Head of Communications of one of the three largest banks in France contacted Technicis Finance for the translation of its documents. Our attention to detail, our willingness to listen and particularly our expertise in the banking/finance sector meant that we very quickly became a trusted partner. As a result, the bank's Head of Purchasing signed a master contract with Technicis Finance in 2010; this was renewed in 2013.

In-depth knowledge of the various financial businesses and languages

Our understanding of different financial content and the various banking and finance sectors has allowed us to offer translation solutions to this client's diverse businesses (asset management, private banking, financial markets, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, property, etc.) as well as to its different internal departments (Internal & External Communications, Legal, Marketing, Digital, IT) both within the parent company and its many subsidiaries.

A multilingual force to be reckoned with

The languages most required by this major bank are French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. However, we are also asked for translations into/out of other European languages such as Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish or Greek, as well as Eastern European languages such as Slovenian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Lithuanian or Russian, and Asian languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic languages. We often work on multilingual projects for our clients.

Etude de cas traduction Renault Digital Factory
Our partnership with Renault's Digital Factory

After a complete overhaul of its digital platform, Renault's Digital Factory selected Technicis as its language partner to manage the localisation of the global websites for Renault-Dacia Group. Renault-Dacia relies on the linguistic and digital expertise offered by Technicis in implementing an automated translation process. Technicis can thus guarantee productivity gains to Renault/Dacia throughout the term of their partnership.

Essential specialisation and language expertise:

Thanks to expertise developed over nearly 20 years, particularly with Renault-Dacia Group, our teams of translators are experts in the technical terminology used in the automotive sector as well as in content production techniques in the areas of marketing, sales and associated services. This specific expertise, reflected in compliance with glossaries, editorial guidelines and even language charters, allows us to focus entirely on the quality of the content translated and still guarantee that the initial corporate message is accurately conveyed.

In addition, the localised digital content complies with SEO rules, which our teams defined for each market ahead of the project start in order to optimise referencing and thus increase traffic to the sites. Thanks to the processes implemented by Technicis, the digital teams at our client's subsidiaries can validate key stages online. This means that each market is closely involved with the content and is in complaince with the new communication guidelines that have been prepared and defined centrally.

Automated technology and processes:

Our linguists' expertise is allied with the expertise of our project managers and our IT teams. Cost reductions and the optimisation of processes are guaranteed by automated management of content from our client's content management system (CMS). A continuous flow of content has been established, via a web connector, between our client's content management system and our translation and online validation tools (TMS).

Workflows are thus simpler, more fluid and faster, and guarantee significant gains in productivity. Our processes for translation, quality control and maintenance of translation memories, which were defined as part of our ISO 9001 certification, are followed to the letter.