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Welcome to Technicis! Find out more about what sets us apart, our values, our business lines and our work environment. You can either apply for one of our job openings or send us a speculative application.

Four reasons to join the Technicis team

Discover the four pillars that Technicis has established to ensure the efficiency and well-being of its 820 employees.


Technicis values talent!

Joining Technicis means joining a group that highlights what is too often forgotten: talent!

Talent isn't just knowledge upon knowledge: it's above all the ability of each person to develop a great professional career path based on a personal idea, project, skill or expertise.

We believe in everyone, we work together, we share our passions and we always remember our ethics.

Technicis is built around our in-house teams and our external network of translators by putting their high-quality services towards a common experience to satisfy our clients.

We are constantly working to help our employees develop their expertise and achieve excellence while always staying close to what's most important: that each employee is committed to their work and is fulfilled day in and day out.


Sectors and careers at Technicis

Account Management Division

  • Main purpose: develop new sales opportunities and retain our existing clients.
  • What sets us apart: a young dynamic team from diverse professional backgrounds who work daily with Major Account clients. Translations aren't sold neatly in a catalogue: every request is a new challenge!

 Project Management Division

  • Main purpose: launch projects that our clients have entrusted us with. 
  • What sets us apart: a team with boundless energy! Project management requires responsiveness and a coordinated team effort. Every detail counts!  

Translation Division

  • Main purpose: translate and proofread the documents our clients have entrusted us with from and into any language while always ensuring top quality. 
  • What sets us apart: immense passion for all things linguistic shared within an upbeat, multicultural and dynamic team!

 Vendor Management Division

  • Main purpose: develop and moderate our network of freelance translators. 
  • What sets us apart: we recruit, sell and purchase—we never get bored!



Our values

Our vision and our corporate culture are based on four main values that ensure performance, success and well-being:

  • Expertise: our expertise is the cornerstone of our performance
  • Diversity: a truly enriching openness to the world
  • Conviviality: together we build our everyday success
  • Talent: without talent, nothing is possible

Technicis: a great place to work!

Joining Technicis also means enjoying a work environment that's efficient, friendly and multicultural, where you can play a game of table football with a translator or go to the gym with an account manager. 

We recently moved into our new French offices. These modern, welcoming spaces were designed for the personal comfort of our employees and to encourage teamwork.


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