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One of the leading professional translation agencies in Europe

Technicis is the leading translation agency on the French market, and counts among the three main players on the European market. Thanks to the collaborative effort of 700 employees spread across France (Technicis and TextMaster), Belgium (Cogen), Switzerland (Translation-Probst), Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany (Telelingua), England (HL Trad), Czech Republic (Arancho Doc) and Canada (Technicis Americas), and a network of 10,000 specialised professional translators across the globe, Technicis is able to meet the needs of companies across all industries and in any language combination. With a turnover of 45 million euros at the end of 2017, Technicis has maintained double-digit annual growth for the past 10 years and has become part of the top 3 European agencies in 2017.

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Un groupe international au service de la traduction

An international translation agency

Technicis is the largest professional translation agency in France and counts among the top three in Europe.

  • 700 employees, including 280 in France, 80 in Belgium, 30 in Switzerland, 60 in Italy, 10 in Spain, 60 in Germany, 10 in Finland, 10 in Czech Republic, 20 in Canada and 100 in China.

  • 150 internal translators and 10,000 freelance professional translators.

  • 3,500,000 words translated each day.

  • Over 6,000 prestigious clients, including 37 businesses on the CAC 40, and 80% on the SBF 120.

  • We have entities dedicated to each sector: finance, legal, digital/technology, luxury, medical, services and industry.

Technicis Translation

Sustained external growth means greater availability

Sustained growth over the past years has helped the company grow by purchasing three professional translation agencies.

  • 2012: VO Paris - Agency for professional translations and adaptation of communications materials, as well as regulation and financial monitoring documents.

  • 2015: Cogen - A Belgian translation agency and multilingual publishing company for the manufacturing and medical industries.

  • 2016: Translation-Probst - A Swiss multi-sector translation agency known for its high-quality language services.

  • 2017: New offices in Montreal, Canada in order to meet the needs of our international clients and to have a presence in North America.

  • 2017: Arancho Doc, a recognised Italian player on the international translation scene.

Benjamin du Fraysseix

Benjamin du Fraysseix

CEO Group

Guillaume Patry

Guillaume Patry

COO Head of KAM

Célia Yvain

Célia Yvain

Head of Human Ressources

Sébastien Granveau

Sébastien Granveau

Head of Sales Business Development


Victoria Weidemann

CMO Group

Marie-Sophie Petit

Marie-Sophie Petit

Head of Service & Innovation

Mathieu Kiala

Mathieu Kiala


Diana Clerjaud

Diana Clerjaud-Calatean

Head of Admin & Accounting

Nathalie Catol

Nathalie Catol

Head of Sales Training & KAM Industry

Edith Arnstein

Edith Arnstein

Head of ERP


Pierre-Louis Gottfrois

CTO Group

Catia Contini

Catia Contini

Head of Vendor Management Group

Sibylle Pitrat Technicis

Sibylle Pitrat

Managing Director Canada

Denise Horan

Denise Horan

Managing Director Cogen

Danilo Monaco

Danilo Monaco

CEO Arancho Doc Group

Terrasse Technicis

    Joining Technicis also means enjoying a work environment that's efficient, friendly and multicultural, where you can play a game of table football with a translator or go to the gym with an account manager. We recently moved into our new French offices. These modern, welcoming spaces were designed for the personal comfort of our employees and to encourage teamwork.

Want to join our team?

Technicis Canada

Technicis Americas

4284 Rue de la Roche Montréal, QC H2J 3H9 - Canada

+(00)1 439 405 1470

Technicis France

Technicis (Head office)

35 rue de paris 92100 Boulogne Billancourt - France

+33 (0)1 46 04 66 00



Technicis Belgique


Rue Saint-Quentin, 28 B-1000 Bruxelles - Belgium

+32 (0) 28 969 440


Technicis Suisse

Translation Probst

Technoparkstrasse 3 CH-8406 Winterthour - Switzerland

+41 840 123 456


Arancho Doc

Arancho Doc

Via Rivani 83, 40138 Bologna - Italy

+39 051 588 1777