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The Technicis Group announces the acquisition of the Scandinavian company AAC Global

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Traduction professionnelle technicis

Professional translation

Translations by expert linguists, exclusively towards their native language and specialised in their sector of activity.

Technicis relecture professionnelle


Comparing a translated text with the corresponding source text to guarantee the quality of the translation and check the formatting.

Technicis revision de traduction


This process involves reading over a text produced by a writer, whether in their native language or otherwise, in order to improve the linguistic quality.

Technicis localisation professionnelle


Adapting the content of a website, software or application to be culturally suited to a specific region in order to increase the client's business presence around the world.

Technicis assermentation

Sworn translation

Sworn translation services and project management to obtain certification, legalisation or an apostille.

Technicis PAO


Computer-assisted publishing services to deliver turnkey multilingual documents in the native format of the source document.

Technicis multimedia


Transcription, subtitling and dubbing services for any type of audio or video file, with integrated voice-over.

Technicis service d'interprétation


Management of all interpreting services: simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and liaison interpreting services.

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